I have to disagree, and disagree specifically with the example you present. It is often the case that an addicted relative understands very well that their addiction is bad for them but since explanation in and by itself does not always provide strong permanent motivation to quit, they choose to continue indulging in doing drugs. Now, if there is constant fear for them of being exposed to the public judgment (given that they care at all which is also not always the case with addicts), that may add to the explanation-induced motivation and effectively stop them from sliding back into harmful behavior.

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Concerns over fear, embarrassment, shame work both ways - hence the stereotype of drug dens.

If fear of public shame is the only motivating factor, then there is no reason why he wouldn't pursue a workaround.

If it's not the only motivating factor--that is, if he wants to change his lifestyle for himself, then people can help him--on mutually beneficial terms. Psychological pressure from the outside only adds to his stack of problems.

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